Support Camp Calvary

There are many ways you can support Camp Calvary with your time, talent and treasure. Here are some:

  1. Camp Calvary needs and wish list
  2. Provide a scholarship for a camper
  3. Volunteer to serve at camp!
Volunteering at Camp Calvary

The ministry of Camp Calvary can only happen through the contribution of many volunteers over the course of the year. From counseling directly with campers, to serving in the kitchen or on the grounds or our special ministry called "Craftsmen for Christ," Camp Calvary could only do what it does with their help. Every volunteer is one less paid staff position which is directly passed to campers through lower registration costs.

If you love young people and have a deep desire to impact their lives for Christ you are wanted for the upcoming summer camping program. Please contact Camp Calvary for more information. Note all volunteers must:

  • be active members of a Christian church of like faith and practice to Calvary Baptist Church in Lansdale, PA.
  • be college age or older, except for Junior camps, for which top quality high school students may be used as "Junior Counselors."
  • be willing to abide by the camp's rules and "Standards of Conduct" and fill out, sign, and return a required "Volunteer Personnel Form." This form is available from the camp office.
  • per Pennsylvania law and insurance requirements, be willing to consent to a police background check

Volunteer Work Projects
In addition to the need for volunteer faculty members for the summer, Camp Calvary depends a great deal upon volunteers to assist with various work projects that are essential in helping to maintain the grounds and facilities. Individuals, youth groups and youth or adult Sunday school classes have been a tremendous blessing to the camp over the years as they have assisted in such projects as ongoing yard work (mowing, raking leaves, picking up limbs, etc.) in addition to cleaning, painting, cutting & splitting firewood, minor maintenance and repairs and an occasional major building project. Please contact the camp for more information on when and how you can be involved in serving the cause of Christ at Camp Calvary as a volunteer.