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There are many ways you can support Camp Calvary with your time, talent and treasure. Here are some:

  1. Camp Calvary needs and wish list
  2. Provide a scholarship for a camper
  3. Volunteer to serve at camp!
Camp Calvary Mission

In Proverbs 29:18 we read that where there is no vision the people perish. Put another way, if an organization (or a person) doesn't stand for something, it will fall for anything! Camp Calvary has been ministering since 1973 based on a firm foundation of Christ and rooted in values lifted directly from the Bible.

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Our Mission: Camp Calvary is a Christ-centered, camper-conscious ministry utilizing the outdoors to share the Gospel and edify the believer.

Our Vision: To use the resources, time and talents that the Lord has given us to serve each one that He brings to Camp Calvary.

Our Core Values:

  • Christ-centered: First, its all ¬†about Him
  • Camper conscious: Second, its all about you.
  • Biblically based: what we say and do is mandated by Scripture
  • Teaching and preaching: God's Word to all
  • Supporting the Local Church: our ministry serving your ministry
  • A Serving Organization: How can we serve you?