Support Camp Calvary

There are many ways you can support Camp Calvary with your time, talent and treasure. Here are some:

  1. Camp Calvary needs and wish list
  2. Provide a scholarship for a camper
  3. Volunteer to serve at camp!
Teaching in the Outdoors

Teaching in the outdoors can be an incredibly rewarding experience for educators, and it is a terrific way to reach and teach all students. By using Camp Calvary as your classroom, you will help your students make a connection with the natural world while making your lessons hands-on and fun.

It is easy for children (and adults!) to get caught up in the excitement of being outside, and sometimes even the most cautious children can show a whole new side to themselves. If you are not an experienced "outdoors-person," that's okay. Camp Calvary can help bridge the gap and tie your lesson to our facility.

Students love going outside because it breaks up the monotony of staying inside and learning. When they're outside, students have more freedom to explore. We can help create outdoor activities that keep students engaged and involved. They will return to your classroom rejuvenated and ready to tackle the learning challenge.

Outdoor classrooms are...

  • places where students learn
  • ready for use right now
  • the sidewalks, the lawn, the soccer field, venture valley, the pond...
  • full of mystery

Outdoor Classrooms can...

  • be never-ending sites for inquiry based science
  • address the different learning styles of students
  • be developed into habitats for wildlife
  • be used for reading circles, creative writing and observation
  • weave content areas together
  • advocate unique and rewarding lifestyles of learning
  • introduce the wonders of the world with modern technology

In Outdoor Classrooms Students will....

  • transform information and knowledge into experiences and skills
  • explore their world, generating new ideas and creating drama toward learning
  • explore patterns, cycles, and change over time
  • move from awareness to knowledge to understanding
  • escape from walls that are barriers to learning

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