Support Camp Calvary

There are many ways you can support Camp Calvary with your time, talent and treasure. Here are some:

  1. Camp Calvary needs and wish list
  2. Provide a scholarship for a camper
  3. Volunteer to serve at camp!

This isn’t just any old summer camp! This is Camp Calvary!

We bring to our school retreat and outdoor education programs the same careful attention that has made us our successful summer camps! Camp Calvary is a perfect environment where students can excel and learn vital skills for a successful school year.

Our school retreats teach vital skills for success, and spiritual enrichment. Our programs emphasize and augment your academic curricula and provide and excellent  or other training in the organization. Hundreds of community groups have benefited from these programs, from at-risk youth to middle and high schools to church youth groups, and from boards of directors to non-profit organizations.

Naturalist, natural history, and field sciences programs also create an opportunity for students to learn through a unique hands-on approach. In these programs, Peak Performance!™’s skilled staff complement their trademark problem-solving challenges with environmental education. Programs with backpacking, climbing, or canoeing components add hundreds of spectacular venues and more activities from which to learn.

Teaching in the Outdoors

About Camp Calvary


Our Mission: Camp Calvary is a Christ-centered, camper-conscious ministry utilizing the outdoors to share the Gospel and edify the believer.

Our Vision: To use the resources, time and talents that the Lord has given us to serve each one that He brings to Camp Calvary.

Our Core Values:

  • Christ-centered: First, its all  about Him
  • Camper conscious: Second, its all about you.
  • Biblically based: what we say and do is mandated by Scripture
  • Teaching and preaching: God's Word to all
  • Supporting the Local Church: our ministry serving your ministry
  • A Serving Organization: How can we serve you?