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4th Annual Senior Saint’s Event!

GUEST ARTIST: Mrs. Elena Shackleton


9:45 - 10:10
10:15- 11:00
Part I: A Different Door - Drawing, Painting, testimony 
11:00 - 11:20
11:30 - 12:15
Part II: A Different Door, continued
Tour of the Inn (if interested)

COST  $15, includes lunch

GUEST ARTIST: Mrs. Elena Shackleton

I live in the Northwest corner of the Lehigh Valley with my husband, Herb, and my two adult children, Aune and Trey.

I began my journey as an artist at an early age and was privileged to be an apprentice to Pat Witt at the Barn Studio of Art. At the Barn I learned to love classical painting and drawing. The Barn intimately exposed me to the teaching of many artists and instructors from the Philadelphia Museum School and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Workshops with these guest artists and assisting at the Barn and Museum School inspired me to take the path to being an artist. This was the driving desire of my life. The teaching of Henry Hensche, at the Cape School of Art in Provincetown, solidified my love for color and an impressionist sense of light. I went on to attend the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting and drawing.

I was saved in the spring of my first year at the Academy. After much wandering and trials I ended up attending Calvary Baptist in Lansdale where I took the position as Art Instructor for the day school. I began my work for Camp at that time, and began using my talents in other ministries, as well.

I have taught privately for more than thirty years in the classical method passed to me by my teachers. The teachers, artists, and art lovers I have in turn trained give me great pleasure. Teaching others to understand the process of creation helps, in turn, to strengthen my own work.

I have recently been blessed with abundant time and the freedom to create. As a three time cancer survivor, I covet all this time the Lord has given me, and I am looking forward to more growth and the adventure of following my heart’s passion in my work. My paintings and drawings have been accepted to several juried exhibitions in the past year. From the Lehigh Valley to New Hope and Burlington, I am excited by the positive response to my work. The journey is just beginning.

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