Look no further... spend an exciting week at Camp Calvary


2015 Camp Calvary Counselor in Training
June 8-10, 2015

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  • interaction with full-time camp summer staff
  • to learn leadership and team-building skills
  • to encourage and improve your walk with Christ
  • to get prepared for future opportunities for service at Camp Calvary


  • experiencing and learning new games and activities
  • learning to share the Gospel
  • receiving practical instruction in counseling
  • being challenged spiritually
  • brainstorming for new ideas


  • Come to hear and learn from 10 different speakers.
  • Dr. Sam Harbin: Dealing with the difficult, sensitive counseling issues
  • Pastor Brian Wahlberg: Camp Mission and Philosophy
  • Pastor Tom Vietti and Pastor Jordan Clark: ¬†Youth pastors and assistant pastors
  • Former and Present Staffers Teaching leadership, team building, counseling principles, and so much more.