Support Camp Calvary

There are many ways you can support Camp Calvary with your time, talent and treasure. Here are some:

  1. Camp Calvary needs and wish list
  2. Provide a scholarship for a camper
  3. Volunteer to serve at camp!
Camping Info

What to Bring:
Sleeping bag or bedding, pillow, towels, toiletries, Bible, sports clothes, jacket, flashlight, sunscreen, sneakers, and spending money for snack shop, camp store, craft shop, and paintball.

What NOT to bring:
Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, radios, CD/tape/MP3 players, CELL PHONES, computer games, TVs, magazines, knives, fireworks, any tight or short clothing, and NO animals of any kind.

CAMPER DRESS: In striving to maintain modesty, please use the following dress guidelines.

Recreational Dress: Loose-fitting, hand width above the knee length or longer shorts; loose-fitting pants or capris; modest, loose-fitting tops. No tank tops or sleeveless shirts of any kind.
Bathing suits: One-piece swimsuit, or "tankini" style suit that meets in the middle.

Recreational Dress: Loose-fitting, hand width above the knee shorts or loose-fitting pants, no muscle shirts of any kind.
Swimwear: Boxer type swim suit.

Please avoid clothing with any inappropriate advertising.
*We reserve the right to request a change in any clothing or behavior deemed inappropriate.

Christian Conduct:
As a Christian organization, Camp Calvary maintains high standards of conduct and separation. Campers who use tobacco, alcohol or any form of illegal drugs will be discharged. Any campers who are uncooperative or non-compliant are subject to dismissal without refund.

Separate swim times will be scheduled for men and ladies.

All boating and sailing is done off the camp property at Blue Marsh Reservoir.

First Aid:
A health care provider will be on call as needed. Special instructions will be given at camp for those taking medications.

Lost & Found:
Lost items not requested in two weeks' time will be discarded. Requested items will be returned via US mail and monies due will be your responsibility.